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The Millionaire Matchmaker and the “Masculine Energy Female”

On a recent episode of the show The Millionaire Matchmaker called “Opposites Don’t Attract”, the famous matchmaker to the millionaires, Patty Stanger, finds herself tackling what she sees as a challenging female client exuding masculine energy. That female client, Leah, … Continue reading

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Hey Brother! Arrested Developments in Masculinity

The new Arrested Development film has been officially announced! In celebration of that, I wanted to explore one of the show’s more implicit themes.      I’ve recently got to thinking about how masculinity is represented – or misrepresented – on … Continue reading

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Shane’s Female Masculinity on The L Word

Shane, a character from The L Word, is famous for her female masculinity.  She’s known for being the mysterious, lanky, androgynously-dressed womanizer on the show. I wonder where we can find (female) masculinity in Shane, other than in her looks and in her … Continue reading

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Eminem Showcasing His Bromance in His Latest Single “I Need a Doctor”

When listening to the track “I Need a Doctor” by the popular rapper Eminem, it’s hard not to think about the strong bonds men can have between one another. Here is a song strictly and emotionally having to do with … Continue reading

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Maternal Masculinity?: The Masculinity of Dr. Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s bad-ass doctor, Alex Karev, makes for an interesting case study of masculinity.  Alex represents a stereotypical man-as-rebel model of masculinity, but with some “feminine” touches, especially in the more recent seasons of the show.  He’s tough in many … Continue reading

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