Christian Domestic Discipline (Trigger warning)

This isn’t going to be easy. It flies in the face of all modern democracy, but many fundamentalist groups don’t actually believe in democracy. But hey, if you think the person who sold you that album this afternoon, or your last bra-and-panty set actually believes in democracy, you may be in for a stun if you actually ask about it. Most people don’t even know what democracy is, let alone how to believe in it. It’s not like God that way. You can misunderstand God, and still believe.

I was looking for information on the branks, or scold’s bridal, and I came across this video. It has nothing to do with the three-hundred-year-old torture device I was researching. It’s about a man — notably white — who felt he had to discipline his wife — notably Japanese — for … well, you can watch the video. Or not.

What was striking to me was the contrast between how he starts off and how he finishes. Some people in the comment section think it’s a joke, or a parody, but a little tangential learning reveals that whether this video is a parody, there are in fact, doctrines that fly surprisingly close to this practice.

A quick browse around the above site leads to some very interesting gender signifiers — archaic is putting it mildly. You can see the heroic masculinity at work. No wonder the young man in the video is so emotional. Think of the inner strength you would need to put into practice your belief that God has given you the necessary task of calling to order over half the population!

Amidst all the anguish and anger I feel at the iniquity this site puts upon women and men as opposing forces, I have to feel a certain sense of sadness that men would deliberately harm themselves in this way.

Then, of course, there’s this to consider.

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One Response to Christian Domestic Discipline (Trigger warning)

  1. Deborah says:

    Interesting point about misunderstanding something, though still believing in it.
    I hate that people will so blindly believe the things they’re spoon fed by the government, their religion, and everything in between. I don’t have much more to say about this, except thanks for shining light on this very dark subject.

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