Questions and Manswers (FAQ)

Q.What the heck is Manalysis?

A. A portmeanteau of “man” and “analysis”.

Q. Who the heck are you?

A. We are a group of gender studies students who are interested in exploring how masculinties are represented in media.

Q. What  is the purpose of this blog?

A. Investigate masculinities in media. Haven’t you been paying attention?

Q. Hey! I thought I was asking the questions here?

A. Sorry.

Q. Why men? Why masculinities?

A. Haven’t you heard? The crisis of course! There is talk of an epidemic afoot. Masculinity is in crisis, men are being emasculated on a daily basis in the media.

Q. Why media?

A. Why not? It’s fun! Also, because we are bombarded with media everyday, because it’s funny how some people think we’re not affected by it, because we shape media and media shapes us!

Q. Why isn’t my comment show up?

A. In order to combat spam, all first time commenters must be approved. Once your first comment has been approved, you won’t have to wait when making any additional comments.

Q. My comment still isn’t showing up! What now?

A. Seriously, we probably haven’t gotten to the moderation queue yet. Give us a minute. If it’s been an exceptionally long time (like a week), drop us an email to remind us that we’re running a blog here.

Q. Where did that snazzy header image come from?

A. We created it using a snazzy photo by Jeff the Trojan which was shared under a creative commons license.
132.365 - Masked man

Q. What about that snazzy photo on the side bar?

A. It came from a photo by SWANClothing under a creative commons license.

SWANclothing sock garters